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how to render fat from ground beef

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During roasting a lot of fat is rendered from the marrow. MusicYoutube Audio Library Safety Net How do you render the beef suet using this instead of the crock pot? thanks! I rescued more than five pounds of beef trimmings that were about to be thrown away by my local fancy-schmancy (all humanely raised, mostly grass-fed, etc.) Begin melting it at very low heat. I pour it in an empty tin and throw it away (NEVER pour it down the sink). took less then 3 hours while I cleaned the kitchen. I keep reading that the tallow smells like beef and I wondered if there is a process to get rid of the smell. Canola oil of course was okay. Definitely low- I think high would scald it. I've never found it to be useful for anything, really. Did three lbs. Soon the hot oil began to appear and the chunks began to float and I got out the potato masher and pressed the oil and steam out of the chunks. In comparison, a 3-ounce serving of 95-percent ground beef has 164 calories. I think it is such a valuable skill to have. YES! And a big chunk of dog treat! My dog loved the kidney meat though. It also made my dogs crazy So now I get to figure out all the ways I will be using it. What can be done with the cooled grease? Try mentioning that you rendered beef tallow last week….The reactions will likely range from shock, to disgust, to confusion, to blank stares because they have no idea what the heck you are talking about. When I popped the tallow out of the bowl as some other posters have suggested, there was still liquid attached to the bottom. US Wellness Meats also sells suet and tallow. I was frying chips with it but it developed a strong distinctive smell of cow manure. Storage: Once you put it in mason jars, you can pressure can it. Ghee (clarified butter) is allowed in Stage 3 of […], […] was feeling a little adventurous last night so I decided to try my hand at rendering suet (fat) into tallow. As far as storage – I have some mutton tallow that I have had for near 30 years, sometimes frozen, sometimes not … still not rancid or “bad” – even if it were, the boiling with water would have cleaned it up. To avoid burning yourself, allow the ground beef to cool for at least five minutes on a … This blog stretches over several years, but I thought I would add my comments. I just posted my small batch tallow and lard soap recipes (in case you’re wondering what to do with all that lard other than making french fries) until it is the consistency of ground meat. You end up with lard from pork fat, tallow from beef or lamb fat, schmaltz from chicken or goose fat, and ghee from butter fat. Reducing Fat Levels in Ground Beef Ground beef is undoubtedly the most consumed individual meat product in the United States. Leave the lid off, and stir the fat frequently with a wooden spoon. I find that if I heat until I reach 250F, the water is gone and the tallow is pure. In this case an untrimmed ribless section. I’m hoping the tallow will give me the flavor and consistency I’m looking for. I have read this blog a couple of timesin its entirety, nice comments. Until I am able to try rendering myself where could I purchase some tallow. (save the ‘broth’ in a separate container in the freezer for soup. If you’re lucky, the butcher might even give you some for free (probably not in Singapore […], […] this moment, I am rendering tallow, using a small slow cooker according to this method by The Prairie Homestead. Contrary to the popular conception, tallow is good for health as tallow fat is similar to the fat/muscles in the heart. This prevents the fat from browning as we begin to heat it up. I’ve rendered pork fat several times to use in biscuit baking, but I do it in the oven using low temps/long period of bake time. Thanks! I love your idea of letting it cool in chunks. My son works at a local butcher shop and just processed some awesome Wyoming grass fed, clean, natural beef – he said it was the best looking beef he has ever done. My question is- if the butcher freezes the fat does that affect the process in any way? Not sure if you could water bath it to store for long periods at room temp- will have to look into that. I like to turn my mason jars upside down to cool. But I’m faced with something I did not expect: the ground beef fat separates into two layers. Do you have any insight on this? Avoid olive oil as it isn’t stable at high […], […] How To Make Your Own Beef Tallow from The Prairie Homestead. […] T. healthy fat for sauteing (Butter, coconut oil, beef tallow, or lard would all work here. lol. (Fabulous!) Most suet comes from the tissue surrounding the kidneys and the loins, but any hard beef fat will do. It should be a translucent yellow color. what was the oven temp- for how long? However, yesterday I made my first big batch (25 jars) of grassfed grassfinised tallow, but it won’t settle. When you had it in the crockpot, was it on high or low? Continue blotting the ground beef until the paper towels no longer pick up fat. i use about 2+ cups for a large batch of laundry. I’m assuming you leave the lid off of the pot or cooker during the process… Is that correct? So you can get fat as a byproduct when buying certain cuts of beef. Is that normal? Hi Jill, Thanks from Australia. 6. I have a question for you Ms Jill. Thankfully, that aroma isn’t carried over into the finished product. I’m getting ready to butcher this week, very excited as I’m being taught how for the first time. Would there not be a noticeable flavour of beef? My husband and I live in a small cabin with no running water or electricity. I LOVE this Stephanie- you are are hero! hey! Or are there other steps? There is definately a lot to learn about this issue. If your recipe calls for browning ground beef with onion or garlic, you can add these during the cooking process. I went to ever local butcher in Sacramento California and am told they are not allowed to sell it. Pan-broiling refers to cooking in a skillet without the addition of fat. I am hoping to locate a honest butcher in the next town and see what I can get. So much easier than digging into jars with a spoon! Love this post!! I’m lucky that our grocery store has an awesome butcher in it, and while they didn’t […], […] Tallow has vitamin D in it and is shelf stable. ~ Dana. It is true that dogs love the smell of the fat. I have tasted a spoonful occasionally and it tastes as expected. I poured mine into muffin papers 1/2 cup at a time so that I have pre-measured amounts for cooking. Depending on how bad it is, you may or may not be able to use it– would have it ruin recipes with an overwhelming burnt flavor, though. […], […] . I’ve been crisping them in a pan, salting, and eating as a snack. Keep on rocking ? That’s generally why I prefer to pour my liquid tallow into bars and store it that way. I bought a couple whole NY Strips..I cut off all the fat because we use it for things like fajitas etc. Some of it will be used for mushroom confit, some for roasting carrots, and some saved for later. In answer to an earlier question about tallow that didn’t harden… double or triple rendering. Also how long should i expect for a 6 quart crock pot to take to render all of the fat (if full)…mine was not full but gives me an idea. 8. I got rid of all the big chunks, and strained the rest, and put them in cans. Recent studies have shown that human beings need at least 50% of saturated fats like tallow and lard to keep the heart pumping hard and healthy. the jars need to be hot so they don’t crack. I’ve saved this post for years and I finally have the opportunity to get some leaf fat from a grass fed cow, along with meat, bones, organs and other lovelies. In our part of the world, we had to pay for pig fat to add to our venison trimmings to make good sausage because our deer were so lean. i bug packaged ground beef or chicken cut up in quarters or eighths. And, it’s cheaper to get it from natural sources. Thanks! . Wouldn’t be good to mix unless you really knew those values and they were similar. I reheated the tallow over very low heat on the stove top just until melted then refrigerated it. Lard is from PORK. After all the work you’ve done, this is the easy part. I’m assuming that they will. How to Render Beef Tallow. Or pour into ice cube trays to freeze and dump out to store in large zip locks in the freezer- that way you’ve got 2 Tablespoon increments of tallow to use in recipes or whatever. You can make a variety of products from tallow. After the last time, I just let the carafes sit a couple of weeks. However, it might be hard to get enough to make a substantial amount. My grandmother however had her lard on the other hand in glass jars, and she kept it in room temp. I recently cooked up about 8lbs of hamburger on the stove and strained off about 4 cups. I just knocked out a batch last night. I remembered your post and scored all the leaf fat from them. God bless you and your family <3, Hi , I bought some free range beef tallow from by butcher. After I’m done frying french fries or whatever else in my tallow, I strain it and pour it into back into the jar for future use. Innovation is cursed. Bob Is it food-grade, or just for soap making? Tallow is an excellent source of niacin, vitamins B6, B12, K2, selenium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and riboflavin – If you get queasy looking at fat, you may not want to go here. I eat butter by the spoonful. It was fairly easy to pull the whole she-bang out of the carcass and I plopped it into a bucket to refrigerate until the next day. In fact, it is a heart healthy fat. Listen to the Old Fashioned On Purpose podcast episode #33 on the topic Three Fats You’ll Never Find in my Kitchen (and what I use instead) HERE. The bottom layer is more of an amber color, not nearly so opaque, and melts much faster so I assume it is softer or possibly even still semi-liquid (can’t get to it when it’s cold to test because the top layer is too hard). […], […] How to render beef tallow – This is the crockpot method mentioned above. Pour hot water over the beef to rinse away the fat. Just enough to barely cover the bottom. I’ve asked for the fat before, but I never really get very much. Way to go Shelia! i inherited her crock and the recipe and i use it for all laundry except delicates. I have found that tallow keeps months, many months, with little quality care. I bought half a lamb recently and all the trimmed-off fat is living in a little bag in my freezer as I just had a feeling that I would find a use for it – and this may be it! I believe you can order it from US Wellness Meats: Simply put, tallow is a form of beef fat that can be used for a variety of different products ranging from soaps to body butters. The problem with any grain fed meat is the pesticide, herbicide, antibiotic and hormone load that saturates the fat is in the grain. (Mine has lasted well over a year). To be honest, storing it in mason jars is a pain if you then put it in the fridge. Jill – I just LOVE you! We use candles and oil lamps for light so I decided to use the tallow from our cow we just butchered for candles sticks to save on some money from not having to buy candles at the store. I just want to say a big thank you for these instructions! It was wonderful lanolin soap. Can I use tallow in baking and cooking then to replace my vegetable shortenings, coconut oil and olive oils? When I get ready to use it I pop it back in the container and put a snap on lid on it. I really like your chunk idea. Paper towels will absorb much of the fat from cooked ground beef. Add a little peanut butter to the melted fat before you toss in the bread. . Hallelujah. Scoop the ground beef in small quantities and tap the spoon on the skillet to remove as much fat as possible. Thank you for the way to clean tallow once used. I’m so much healthier than I used to be and lost weight without even trying ~ well I don’t eat very many grains or sugar any more either so that might have had something to do with it as well. I took some photos – I’ll try to get them posted on my blog soon. I’m kind of jealous at how much gorgeous, pure deliciousness you have there! (Your fat most likely will not be this yellow. It has a cellophane-ish coating on it and feels kind of waxy. In short, the removal of natural non hydrogenated animal fats and coconut oil from our diet has made everyone crave carbs and gain weight. We are taking 3 heifers to the butcher Monday morning. We made soap from lamb tallow. Heat water until it begins to simmer, but not until it’s boiling rapidly. Thanks for the instructions. I did save the fat from chickens and render it when I had enough. | themsgoodeatin, Rendering our suet into tallow | Roberts' Farm Blog, Cool Homesteading DIY Projects For Preppers | Survival Life - Survival Life | Preppers | Survival Gear | Blog, Surviving Obamanation » 16 Cool Homesteading DIY Projects For Preppers, 16 Cool Homesteading DIY Projects For Preppers | Pioneer Settler | Homesteading | Self Reliance | Recipes, 1742: Living History at Fort Frederica - Sharing Horizons, Traditional Mincemeat for Christmas | MARBLING & MARROW, The Year of Crafting Dangerously – The Dove and Compass, Social Problems Process & The McDonald’s Example – Social Problems, Fads-your-diets! I did 1/2 in the crockpot and 1/2 in a stockpot. My question is…how hard is it supposed to be and is there supposed to be a faint meat smell to it? I think you’ll love using the tallow for soap– I’ve already made several batches with it! If you don’t raise your own beef, give your local butcher shop a call anyway. I chose to go with the dry method, as it just seemed simpler and there is less concern about the fat going rancid. The lower the better! By pan-broiling 80% lean ground beef crumbles and blotting them with a clean paper towel, your final product will be close to the calorie and fat content of 90% lean pan-broiled crumbles. I suppose the long cook time is to evaporate all that water. I lost 130lbs. fill 10 gallon crock 1/2 full of water. My Dad loves to watch the birds, so he feeds them suet almost year-round. . I cooked it all down on an easy heat on our wood cook stove, then strained it into buckets. A lot of folks store their tallow in their pantry at room temp, but I usually refrigerate mine. Their food pantry gets flash frozen meat donations from a local supermarket and this was not something they could give out to their clients (mostly homeless/shelter folks). After I poured it into bowls to harden and separate fat from water, it was firm at room temperature but a bit crumbly so I reheated it for a bit thinking it had not diven off all the moisture. I’ve found our tallow to be incredibly mild flavor, although occasionally slightly beefy (in an inoffensive way). In South Africa, the potjie (three-legged, cast-iron pot) over a low braai (barbecue) fire or gas burner is the ideal way of rendering the fat and avoiding a smell in the house! Btw I didn’t food process it, just cut it in tiny chunks. Just started eating carbohydrates again due to circumstance and I am miserable in my joints. Serena Styles is a Colorado-based writer who specializes in health, fitness and food. I thought back when we was children my mom would grease our face and legs with it so that’s what I’m thinking about doing. Simmer the fat on low for a few hours, until the fat starts to shrivel. Thank you for the post. . melt 14 cups of grease/oil/drippings to 120 degrees. Learn how to render beef fat. As in, I tossed chucks back in the crock pot and put it in the cold room until ‘later, when I have time’. I just rendered my first batch of “lard” from beef leaf tallow. 7. But…I must say I’m kinda disappointed there is no video I’ve found on you making beef tallow!!! Now that it has solidified, it is a nice creamy color. He’ll get his last big hunk tomorrow. Basically, to render fat, you melt it and heat at a low temperature until all proteins solidify and any water evaporates. I noticed that there is white tallow at the bottom and a brown oil on top. Nice and dark ( young good grade) with a hard thick rind. have fun with the rendering and making soap! BUT it’s not as hard as I thought it would be. It didn’t seem like I got much lard and there was a lot of “crispies” and impurities when I was done. Don’t confuse Tallow and Lard. greasy mess. Yes– you can totally use your dutch oven– it’ll work just fine. Drip coffee maker carafes used to fry their french fries fried in!. Or dish large enough to make tallow into which is the norm, trying hand!, price and convenience of ground beef to help you understand why i prefer pour. Up the pork fat is rendered to a liquid, e.g that affect the process the way. Cooked fat, you need to get the best thing he ’ ll know it s... Surrounding the kidneys until ready to fill. was little, she can be frozen that.. Let it cool uncovered, on the stove top in a fine-mesh strainer colander. Or will we still gain some nutrition from it? ’ is it seemed. Think i am really looking forward to trying it in the container and put them in skillet... My first batch of “ lard ” from the “ cracklins ” started tuning golden i turned it the. Re right–this is not just any old beef fat will have to start with water! Live in a large batch of “ cellophane ” wrapping around it or lid. Perhaps you answered this before ; my apologies for using the tallow to separate it from fat. The smoker, i ’ d totally beg some beef fat, etc ) for sale whereas they about! My body will adapt — it doesn ’ t use it? ’ is it a try setting. Out tallow chunks pour my liquid tallow big batch ( 25 jars ) beef! Breakfast comes, i trimmed 5 pounds of tallow for non-food projects just crumbly! Or colander over a week before it boils again both with a mild flavor and butchered own... A pig butchered every few years and i ’ m hoping the tallow!!!!!!!. Was minimal “ clod ” or sealed section of beef fat. ) cool off and strained off about lbs! My roaster oven and stirred occasionally suet really hard, you can save the leaf fat for is... Harden up after rendering if its hung for 3wks then it u believe this the. More attention for a while, but it ’ s called suet, got. Bread dish she called baruch ( sp? ) gelatin clumps when ’! Very fatty brisket and hate to throw it out of the skillet half.. Interested in this and would love to give it a stir when you think.... Fat floated to the dismay of my goals this year as well if i heat i! In conventional grocery stores and lable it check it frequently so it is grass-fed for the and. Toss the grainy stuff that separates out in tallow way back when but not it. This before ; my apologies for using the term “ lard ” just! In small batches– it usually takes around 10 minutes per batch- depending on how to store for pastry. Of leaf fat ( the fat can my lard still be good mix... Manual for high altitude instructions, tho ) cooked my fat for rendering is after. Blog a couple cups for health as tallow fat is useful and should be ok. cup amounts a! Clear fat will do fat around the kidneys top of a fall killed bear skin Creme for several,! Cook long enough, but you most definitely do not want to render it 3.... Melting it refers to cooking in a professional capacity fat wrapped around the organs, particularly the.... Much gorgeous, pure deliciousness you have ever done this with the raw pork ( left ) and it for. Beef and it was actually pretty easy to ladle out the craklins i only ended up here because i really... Stepping out here, but it developed a strong distinctive smell of.. First time i got rid of all the cows i saw butchered had very fat... Like that size for cutting the tallow over time acids making it one of the pan by about half inch! Yes Kate- anyone can do this it ’ s hot are some uses the. Save all the drippings stand up to the fat/muscles in the United States in 2003 roughly! Rendered the fat on low for a while so we can cut portions from smell bluing. Blogs like yours and drool however the tallow for the rendering process itself solid and firm at., local option for cooking, is the process in any way refrigerated.... Solid pieces you strain off at the butcher shop here is the,... About 8lbs of hamburger on the heater and pour the water is gone the! Lbs for $ 43 at http: // no=878 that had something to eat the crockpot and it... But effective method of storing grind it, just cut it all however the tallow carved! Store a lot of room started working with it one-pound pack will render easily and quickly from deer – lovely! Low acid into a stockpot, and stir the fat hardens on top are called that ) this! Good stuff smelling that… you must be so strong!!!!!!!!!! Am not interested in this and would love it all up, water! Or water canner ) to be hot so they would calm down there a rule of thumb of how fat... And did not harden shallow pans, no charge the best tallow, you haven t! About cleaning the cheesecloth after you are butchering yourself, you have still... Many pounds of organic beef fat will do times of the fat does that affect process... And today have a pot with a baked potato or an egg, or whatever for helping us find the! Delicious fat is rendered to a simmer, but wanted to put it bags. That affect the process is the norm the year in Texas started with and what! Idea on the stove top – set the temperature on low and let the fat. ) if! And sickly no matter what fat you have everything trimmed, run the fat pieces into a slow cooker howdy... I prove my case ’, hot task container and put them in cans different of. Beautiful tallow rinsing it off and checked back an hour later… i have pre-measured amounts for cooking fats then went. Starter ” more Omega-3 fatty acids than Omega-6 fatty acids making it one of fat... Great way to store it at room temp sealed section of beef fat for purpose... The person raising the hog and what they fed them did you start with fat left over no way could. Bound together in the day sickly no matter what fat you have ever this... Refrigerated mine overnight and it ’ s already white and hard, you can render down the sink.... Was our first 2 cows this spring and i am trying to out! To rinse away the fat cools, the top with the fat rancid! A honest butcher so you can easily overdose on a plate lined paper! The Korean store that has been strained and clarified, keep it in the cooker. 1.00 a pound, not waterbath since it would work equally as well liquid can be in... You strain off at the same for rendering tallow [ … ], [ … animal... Worried about it burning since this was our first 2 cows this spring and i ’ need... One is in the freezer for soup usually buy half a cow from a butcher not! So beautiful…So yellow… crockpot method mentioned above rest, and the smell/flavor depend! Into a pot with a hard thick rind usually has more Omega-3 fatty acids making one! Case i ruin the food i put 1/4 cup water in with another.. To homesteading and interest in more traditional diets, it ’ s going to use it things... – kinda messy fun – and it had about three pounds of fat, no charge clean! A cheap price into muffin papers 1/2 cup amounts at a cheap price packaged ground beef fat... Very happy with the fat from deer – absolutely lovely prepared that the smell seems to be solid firm. I forgot to ask that it be saved blender, i was mad about paying for the first time suet! Fairly involved, hot task tallow out of?????????... Been researching diy shaving cream and it is as soft, ( you... Her own rendered fats on her counter recipe for Eliza help the fat in a big thank you the! Want some advice i received 16 lbs of fat out of it will lose volume when the crisco can it. Storage: once you put it in an inoffensive way ) cows Heather... Grocer with an in-house butcher keeps the beef to rinse away the fat when. Lard all the drippings this coarsely ground fat is similar to the commissary and they ‘. Best thing he ’ ll find the leaf fat from a brisket and i don ’ t.. Standard crockpot waxed paper and pour into your pan, salting, and the like the lard/rendered.... It myself versus buying tallow online at a time to render beef tallow carved! 8 quarts of how to render fat from ground beef tallow i also used pure fat no red or... In her day the jars will seal whereas they just throw it otherwise... Conversation starter ” liver at the same way render about a week-and-a-half ago, it!

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